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Urban Beauty 18 Piece Makeup brush Set (Pink)

Urban Beauty 18 Piece Makeup brush Set (Pink)

Urban Beauty

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Product description

Colour : Pink

Brand : Urban Beauty

· Urban Beauty Branded, 18 PCS Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Kit

· 100% Brand new · (See Pictures for more details)

· Soft hair and comfortable for use, perfect for both studio and personal use.

· All brushes come with plastic wraps.


  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Designed to fulfil all daily basic makeup requirements.
  • Soft but firm to apply makeup.
  • Suitable for both professional use and home use.
  • Easy to use and convenient to carry.

How to clean : Use mild detergent or brush cleanser and rinse thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water. Pat lightly with towel or tissue to dry. Hang brush to dry. Do not cleanse with hot water. Do not dry with hair dryer. That may damage bristles and change shape.